Sunday, January 13, 2019

One Another

Today we looked at the "one anothers" of the new testament.  The commands that have been given to us as followers of Christ regarding how we should treat each other.

There's a bit of this in the infographic below, but while the words "one another" may be two words in English, it is just one word in the Greek New Testament.  The graphic below lists that it appears 100 times in 94 verses the New Testament.  Other sites list 59 one another mentions.  Either way, the majority come from Paul's epistles to the churches.  This makes sense, as Paul's writings were exhortations to the members of the body regarding how they should live.

I am reminded that one way to place emphasis is through repetition.  It seems that the Lord wants us to know how to treat one another, as He has placed such emphasis on it.  He has to keep reminding us.

We are to be at peace with one another.  Be devoted to one another.  Honor one another.  Accept one another.  Instruct one another.  Wait for one another.  Have equal concern for one another.  Bear with one another.  Forgive one another.  Be kind and compassionate to one another.  Admonish one another.  Encourage one another.

And we are to love one another.  Love one another.  Love one another.  Repeated more than any of the others.  I guess this was the one we were going to have to work on the most (and it shows).

So this week, let’s work on how we treat one another. 

And if we need the reminder, I've included the list below.  I know I'll be circling back on this one.  

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