Friday, August 3, 2018

The Traveler's Report Part 3 - Prague

Part 3 of the Traveler's report, from Jamie:

Prague, Czech Republic’s capital city in a land once known as Bohemia. Prague was much more my speed than Berlin. Very picturesque with its historic architecture and lush vineyards. Prague Castle happens to be the largest in terms of acreage, over 18 to be exact. This place houses so many beautiful baroque and gothic structures. A couple of us took a ride up the funicular to take in the grandeur of the city and rest our feet awhile. There was a little cafe where I whetted my thirst with an amazingly refreshing cider that made my taste buds smile. I felt a little bohemian free spirit while venturing down its streets.

The city center of Prague.

Such a beautiful hotel. I’d hate to think of the cost to stay in the heart of the city in that opulent hotel.

This little pink door was next to our hotel. Inside it contained a garden wonderland filled with mazes. The message on the sign reads, “enter if you dare.” I couldn’t help but think of Lewis Carol. Would I be Alice searching to find a way out of this wonderland? It’s open to the public but never the hours we were there so alas, this mystery garden still remains a mystery to me.

A beautiful church next to our hotel outside the city. Such a gorgeous sight as the last of the sun beams hit the top of the Church.

A room with a view!

St Vitus, Prague Castle's Cathedral.  One of my favorite shots of the entire trip. 

The famous window of the Defenestration. Habsburg Ferdinand ll, the Holy Roman Emperor of Bohemia attempted to make Catholicism the sole religion of the empire, the Protestants of Bohemia (modern Czechia) protested the suppression of their religion. In anger, Bohemian nobles in Prague flung two representatives of Ferdinand out of a window of the Royal Palace.

Ironically they survived their fall with only minor aches and pains, being cushioned by the flocculence of a manure pile, although Catholics claimed that a divine miracle saved them. Then, with significant chips on their shoulders, Ferdinand’s representatives reported their assault by the bunch of tossers, and the Thirty Years’ War began. 

How strange it must be to know that your life was spared by a large pile of crap?

The vineyards outside Prague castle

Trdelnik, a delicious flaky pastry sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and filled with whatever confectionary your heart desires. This sweet treat isn’t the easiest to eat. I, of course, had it filled with ice cream, whipped cream and a whole lot of chocolate syrup. It didn’t take long for this sweet treat to find its way to my clothes. And that was the last day I was able to wear my jeans on the trip.

Prague was and still is obsessed with John Lennon. Upon hearing of his death the city took to its feet to paint a mural in his honor. The artwork is now mostly covered up by tags and graffiti. I’m not a fun of destroying someone’s artwork for a tag but I know one woman who’s proud her team is represented in the streets of Prague.

The sugar shop! This place smelled like my best dreams. How hard it was for me to walk in and not walk out with half the store. My will power must have been very strong that day.

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