Wednesday, April 4, 2018

If I Were Disney CEO - Introduction

Now we come to the part of the blog where the topics get very micro-focused and niche, and I get very nerdy.  One of my interests (near obsessions) is the Disney company.  I have been a fan since a small child of the many branches of its organization.  Movies and theatrical shorts to start, then parks and resorts, music, and now thanks to their acquisitions, Marvel Comics and films.

And I am still a fan today.  Jamie and I will go see Disney movies without the kids, will visit Disney parks without the kids.  We do love sharing these experiences with Avalyn and Jude and watching them grow into little fans as well.

So, in the interest of this blog being a thought and writing exercise, this will start a weekly series of blogs discussing what I would do were I the CEO of the Disney company.  Changes I would make, films I would release, parks I would build, the whole gamut.  A complete flight of fancy, as I have none of the requirements for the job and would be guaranteed to be a stock-owners worst nightmare as I have no interest in maintaining an artificially inflated stock price or maintaining artificially inflated profits.  Instead the focus is on viable options, striving not to be outlandish on cost, but putting the emphasis on content and quality.

This page will serve as a landing spot for the whole series and the table of contents below will be hyperlinked as those posts come on-line.

If I Were Disney CEO

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