Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Day

Sing a song of May-time.
Sing a song of Spring.
Flowers are in their beauty.
Birds are on the wing.
May time, play time.
God has given us May time.
Thank Him for His gifts of love.
Sing a song of Spring.

Today marks May Day, a traditional holiday celebrating spring. And spring is definitely in the air. 

We’ve finally gotten past the hopefully last snow fall last week and now have gotten to 70 and 80 degree days. It’s still cool in the mornings and in the late evenings. It can feel brisk with the wind up in the shade.  But it is spring nonetheless. 

The flowers are starting to bloom. Everything is getting lush and green. And with hope for the end of this pandemic, kids sports are in full swing. Tuesday night there were baseball and softball games all around us, a track meet at the high school and lacrosse practice in the fields just a block down the road. 

We’ve cut the grass for the first time. And we’ve started prepping for a garage sale. Spring cleaning. 

The town seems busier. As if everyone has just been waiting to be outside. 

I hope your able to get out and enjoy this weather. I hope where you are it hasn’t gotten too hot yet. I hope you’re having pleasant weather and can see the beauty of nature. 

It’s what this time is for. 

So put up the maypole and spin around. Crown the May Queen. 

Spring is finally here. And may it be a long and pleasant spring, before summer gets just unbearable. 

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