Friday, May 7, 2021

Shot #2 - I'm Vaccinated

As of yesterday, vaccinations are done. Jamie got her second shot on Wednesday afternoon. I got my second shot yesterday morning. Tried to stagger them a bit so that our recovery periods wouldn’t overlap too much. 

Yesterday worked pretty well. Jamie did feel pretty awful, but seemed to have bounced back quickly. Today, I’ve just been tired and a little achy. GERD seems to be up as well. 

Right now, though, we’re trying to see if a norovirus is one of the side effects we’ve somehow caught. Jamie has had it pretty rough this afternoon and we can’t tell if it is side effects or a virus. As much as I wish it wasn’t her side effects, I’m really praying it’s not a virus. Those seem to go through our family hard and the last time I had a norovirus was went I went to the ER for acute colitis. 

So, we’ll see. Hopefully the next few hours settle down and give us a break. Regardless, we’re glad to have the vaccinations behind us and to feel safer out there in the world. 

We’ve done our part to help stop the spread. We’ve protected those around us and thankfully avoided the disease up to this point.  

That light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting brighter. 

I hope. 

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