Monday, May 3, 2021


NPR marks its 50th birthday today.  May 3, 1971, NPR started its first broadcast.   While the station had began airing Senate hearings of the Vietnam War on April 20, 1971, May 3 marked the first day it aired its own programming.  All Things Considered, their afternoon drive-time newscast, premiered with host Robert Conley, discussing the news of the day.  The broadcasts could not be aired live during the first week, but could be recorded to be played later.  Thankfully things have exploded from there.

While it is not as much a part of my daily life now, NPR was my lifeline for a very long time.  Growing up, I couldn't have imagined it, but I've become a fan of talk-radio.  Of talk shows.  I like feeling like I'm joining into a conversation, whether it be on radio and on podcasts.  

Because of that, my hour long commutes were filled with NPR or podcasts.  And I loved a lot about NPR.  Marketplace Morning Report, BBC Newshour.  I love the irreverent part in Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me... and Ask Me Another.  While I have issues with her interview style at times, I enjoy Fresh Air.

NPR provides that essential lifeline of information.  Freely available.  Open to all.  About as center of the political spectrum in news that you can ask for.

It's amazing that it has lasted this long.  Let's pray to keep it funded for another 50 years into the future.

Happy Birthday NPR!  To many more...

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