Thursday, May 10, 2018

I Wanna Be A Producer

I wanna be a producer, with a hit show on Broadway.  I wanna be a producer, lunch at Sardi's everyday.

One of the many things I have enjoyed about being married to a theater teacher is getting to play producer.  I like reading scripts and finding good ones.  I like seeing shows to determine what will work and what cannot.  I like being a sounding board for approaches or styles and helping find pieces that will complete the set or the finishing touch for a costume.

I like being a part of making art happen.

When I dream of coming into a large sum of money (lottery or Publisher's Clearing House), being an old school patron is one of the things I can definitely envision doing.  Funding art just to see it completed.

I have even come up with a name for my production company.  Even Keeler Productions.

A stab at a logo
I've had that name since at least 2012, when I helped create a logo for Jamie's production of Julius Caesar.  A Caesar inspired by the Warriors and Mad Max, warring tribes and gang lords.  She wanted an image that really sold the different take on Caesar.  The anarchy that followed the toppling of tyranny.

And Caesar shall go forth
It's just a paint work up, but I'm still proud of how that image turned out and how it looked on the show shirts.  I'm really proud for Jamie how well that show came together and how her students sold it.  It was a very good cutting and they gave it everything.  Transition action gave way into sound.  The rhythm of the show moved so well.  And the kids sold it.  A great show.

That's the magic.  To see it all come together.  To watch truth be revealed from even the humblest of beginnings.   There is magic in the theater and the theater is magic.

I'm just glad I get to be apart of that magic as long as they will let me.

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