Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For #10 - A readership that surprises and humbles me

No matter what you write, it's a matter of putting words in a certain order so that the reader will be interested in what you are writing.
Stan Lee

Finally to close out my top 10, I'm thankful for you.

I'm thankful that you have taken the time to read this blog or any blog that I've written.  I'm thankful for those that read in silence and surprise me when I find out they are reading.  I'm thankful for those that have liked a post or commented.  I'm thankful for those that have told me they appreciate it.  I'm grateful that anyone takes a moment out of their day to read the sometimes coherent thoughts and ramblings that I can put to paper.

I'm thankful to have this outlet, to get ideas out of my head and to find my voice on events and issues.  It forces me to learn, to grow, and to develop my ideas and skills in order to keep up.  I'm at nearly two-thirds of a year with a daily entry.  And thankfully this has kept the creative spirit going instead of quenching it.  There are new and different ideas that keep coming, keep progressing.  It's now a matter of timing to keep up with them.

So, again, thank you.  I cannot tell you enough how much it means.

To new ideas.

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