Friday, September 4, 2020

Predictive Text

This is a test.  I thought it would be a fun exercise to see what could happen.  I've used Apple's predictive text to write a paragraph blog entry.  Purely to see what it would return.  Hopefully at some point in the future, I can try to run the blog entries through a bot and have it generate a post as well, just for the experience.

Below is what the predictive text returned.  I've just added punctuation.


The government has to have the legitimacy to a government of a better life and to have more lives than to have to pay their time to get it back and to check out our first day at a great.  We hope we get together again tomorrow morning.  I have some things that are going well and you will get it done, we can go out and to see what you want us for the day.  You can have the best friends ever again if they were the same person, I,  issues and I’m going through it to get it back in and out and get back into my mind that you can take the car morning.  I have been in my family since we were going through our trip through this weekend and then I can go get over there next day.  We are in our family for the weekend we will be home night for dinner.  I love our family has had our last Christmas. Here, we love.  We are in a little room for our Christmas here and I have to come over soon so we have some fun to be done.  We can do a good thing and then I can go back in to a place where you are going through it to get it and it’s so fun.  You have the time and you have it all right now to see you all over it again.  Thank Jesus is that we can go back in to a place and get a good night.  Has been an a good week of our New Post.  Was that a little more fun and a little better than that, but it’s not a big problem to be with the family.  In our life that you have been in our life we will continue praying.  Was that the last night you have our lives?  That I have a family, we have been in, and we can not get our life and I can have it and you know what you mean to us to be a great our life.  We are in the world.  This was our life together.  I hope has come all over our world next time you are in love.  Was that the best place in to this time?  The last time you will have the time and time we can have it all right next year or we are just looking at our schedule.  We are seeing you all day long because you are a very busy family.  I have to stay at this weekend so you could have it and then start looking to a house.  I would like you a happy day.  Today I have to be at the house.  Was that you have been there a little more and I would do a great with the family so we have both?  So happy and happy you all love and happy you all love is a new year new to new year of our lives.  We’ve had our new Christmas this year.  I am looking at that one I know I will be able see it and see what the next day you are and how much we love.  We know that we’re not together but we’ll get to the end soon.  We can do this afternoon.  We are in a little more than we have a good weekend so far and so much for the day.  I have been to a lot different so I’m just trying out my new house.


It's interesting what it picks up. It chooses commonly used words from the text inputed on my keyboard.  So, it's picking up blog entries on the government.  Family discussions. Scheduling.  Traveling.  Getting settled in the new house.  Holidays.  Travel.  The Posts on this blog.  

Sure, the text above really makes no sense, but I can see the breadcrumbs where all the content comes from.  I'd really like to see what a bot could do ingesting the 600 plus posts on this blog and seeing what it would spit out.

May we live interesting times indeed.

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