Saturday, October 13, 2018

First Baptist Church Buna Centennial Celebration

This weekend, the First Baptist Church of Buna is celebrating its 100th Anniversary.  Though the official anniversary is in December, the church is taking this weekend to serve as the culmination of a year-long centennial celebration. 

Today, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, the FBC Buna is celebrating with a day of fun, fellowship, and food.  The church is offering the following activities:
  • At 10:00 am:
    • Dominoes
    • Mexican Train
    • 42
    • Photo booth
    • Water Tournament
    • Horseshoes
    • A bounce house for children (under 7 yrs. old)
  • From 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, links, hot dogs, chili, chips and drinks will be served
  • At 12:30 pm, there will be a historical reflection in the Youth Building with J.C. Smith, Jerry Clark, and Bobby Rankin.

Tomorrow, the church will offer a special service and luncheon.  Bro. Byron McWilliams will provide the message, and music will be led by Bro. Blake Northam, reuniting the former FBC Buna pastor and worship leader team.  The luncheon in the Christian Activity Building will have a conversation from another former leadership team, as Bro. Jerry Redkey and Bro. Tom Hawk will share memories and stories of their time at FBC Buna.

The weekend is sure to be a great celebration of the history and life of FBC Buna and should be a time of great worship, fun, food, and fellowship.

First Baptist Church of Buna can officially be traced back to a congregation founded in 1918, though there are records of meeting minutes dating back to 1899.  In the early decades, the church had many "Baptist" names, many pastors, and struggled to survive.  By 1921, the faithful members were able to secure land and build the first building.  By the mid-1940s, the church proceeded to expand the building by adding a two story T-wing to the building and purchase a house to serve as a parsonage for the pastor.  In the 1950s, the church began buying available blocks of land south of its location and voted to move the church to the current site.  As more land was purchased, a new parsonage was built near the church.  As the 1960s started, a new brick sanctuary was built and mission outreach beyond the church began with "Radio Buna," taking the Gospel message within a thirteen mile radius of Buna.  Also a music minister was added, a new brick parsonage was built and the old church building was remodeled as a fellowship hall.  During the 1970s, missions were expanded when the church started a mission church in the Old Laurel community and went on numerous mission trips to various locations world-wide.  A Christian Activity Building (CAB) was completed in 1987.  By the mid 1990s, the church had out-grown the 300 seat capacity of the sanctuary, and a new 700 seat building was built.  The next two decades saw expanded nursery and education facilities, remodeled and updated buildings and loans retired leaving the church debt free.  Missions remained the emphasis with work support in the Ukraine, Africa, Canada, and South Texas as well as the Helping Place for the needy in Buna.

God has blessed First Baptist Church and the future is exciting!

If you are looking for a church family, or would like to help the church celebrate, please visit.  More information for FBC Buna can be found here.

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