Friday, August 9, 2019

The Travelers' Report 13 - Cozumel Cruise

In the continuing travels of the Keeler Crew - Jamie and I got to slip away for short weekend cruise from Galveston to Cozumel to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  And it was a great way to spend it.  The day of departure, a day at sea, a day in Cozumel, a day at sea back, and then disembarkation.  

We were able to get a great deal booking early in the year and had upgraded to have a balcony, which made for a wonderful trip.  With the trip already booked and paid for, it was not something we really had to worry about even with the circumstances in the summer.  

This was Jamie's second cruise and my first.  Also my first time into Mexico.  It will not be our last.  

This trip was so relaxing - we were basically lazy bums.  We did a few fun activities on board like a 90s One Hit Wonder trivia, karaoke, and Explain a Movie Plot Badly (which we won and earned our Golden Ship on a Stick).  We did also watch Independence Day on the outdoor screen on July 4.  All that was missing was fireworks.

But for the most part, we lounged around and watched TCM.  Watched the water go by.  There's something magical about being out on the deck on a starless night.  Where the boat seems to be just floating, disappearing into the black void.

Our ship was the Carnival Dream, seen below docked at Galveston.  We were on Deck 7, so we had a lot of stairs involved in getting to the food and activities.

Of course, one of the fun things about being on the cruise is the towel animals that housekeeping creates.  Below their fun creations for this short voyage.

Our one port stop was in Cozumel.  We didn't pre book any adventures here and were headed to the real downtown district to try some local food and chocolate, when we got tempted by a really good package for the day.  It just involved a timeshare presentation.  In another reality, we might have jumped at that package for Vidanta, because they really know how to do all inclusive.  But we made it through without a purchase and got our island tour, tequila tour, and beach access.  Plus a free bottle of tequila.  The ruins below are from the tour.  The Puerta Maya sign from the entrance to the shopping center that has sprung up around the Carnival port.

The food was very good, especially the lunches.  We were surprised by that and expected the dinners to blow us away, but the fun options they created for lunch made for really good meals.  Our photograph below is from our Fancy Dress dining night, which did have a very good three course dinner.

All in all, it was a very memorable way to celebrate the 10th anniversary, July 4, and Jamie's birthday.  As stated above, we will definitely be cruising again.  There's too much of the world to see and this is definitely a fun way.  We were already talking about how much Avalyn and Jude would love it.  Just have to wait a little bit for the right age.

Next in the series, a few entries on our big road trip.

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