Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday 2020

Today marks the day where retail businesses supposedly get "in the black" or turn a profit for the year.  It still remains an odd name for the day, sharing the Black Friday moniker with financial and natural disasters.  It's also slightly an odd pairing to have a celebration of thanks for what you have and then immediately go out to grab all the stuff you do not, but such is life.

The busiest shopping day of the year, celebrated with often ridiculous appearing sales to get you in the door.  I've only inadvertently participated a couple of times (and usually much later in the afternoon).

This year is definitely different.  A desire not to overload stores with a large crowd of people to prevent from COVID-19 spread, plus increasing restrictions in crowd size are leading more and more Black Friday deals to be pushed online and/or to be spread out through November.  

Growing up, the Friday after Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite days working at the store, because it was the day I got to decorate the windows for Christmas.   That's typically translated into a day at home pulling down all the Christmas decorations and decorating.

This year, we're all decorated.  We got everything up this past weekend, so that we can come home to a fully decorated place.  And we're back in Texas to enjoy time with family.  So different all around.  But a good day to relax, to share, and to be.

We're not shopping today, but we are enjoying time off.  I hope you and yours are able to enjoy the day as well, however you get to spend it.

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