Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Can I Take Your Order?

I've had this blog in my back pocket for a while now.  There was a social media challenge that went around several months ago encouraging people to place their fast food orders for a list of locations.  While I'm typically loath to recommend participating in these, as they can often be thinly veiled attempts to gain password or challenge question information, this one has less potential to do so and is a little fun.  So, should the mood ever strike you to order for me, these are my favorites.

SUBWAY: Footlong steak and cheese on Italian herbs and cheese, toasted, toasting the green peppers as well, with lettuce, tomato, olive, and mayo.

CHIK FIL- A: Original Chicken Sandwich, waffle fries, a large Dr. Pepper and Chick Fil-A sauce

STARBUCKS: Only if I’m forced to

CHICKEN EXPRESS: chicken tenders, fries, jalapeño poppers and a couple of rolls, large Dr. Pepper

WHATABURGER: Honey butter chicken biscuit on the jalapeño cheddar biscuit, large Dr. Pepper

DAIRY QUEEN (TX): 3 tacos, a regular nacho, and a Dr Pepper

SONIC: Mayonnaise hamburger no onions, tater tots, and a Dr. Pepper

PIZZA: Stuffed crust, pepperoni, with marinara sauce to dip it in

MCDONALDS: 10 piece chicken McNuggets, fries, hot mustard sauce and a large Dr. Pepper

TACO BELL: Crunchwrap Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, and a large Dr. Pepper

You'll notice the large Dr. Pepper as the constant among all the orders.  I'm currently off caffiene and most soda until our vacation, so I'm particularly missing that right now.  And I had to add the distinction of this being an order at a Texas Dairy Queen.  As we've discovered, Texas has a very different menu than the rest of the country.  Up here, it's not surprising for us to see a Dairy Queen that is just an ice cream stand.

Anyway, those are my favorites; what are yours? 🍕🍔🌮

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