Thursday, May 20, 2021

I'd Like to Take a Minute, Just Sit Right There...

A heads up for a fun diversion for my Gen-X/early Millennial friends.  

Go to Google.  

Search for "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Click on the FRESH license plate.

It's worth it.  And every link is awesome.

I love Easter Eggs like this.  Like the Google Pac-Man.  Like image searching Atari Breakout. Or searching for "askew" or "barrel roll."  Just fun pieces of code to help make the daily a little sillier, a little brighter.

Like the one house here in town who has taken to putting up their own yard signs in the pandemic to make people smile.  The first, declaring the stretch of sidewalk in front of their house under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly walks.  Subsequently, putting up song lyrics to brighten people's days.  Now it has "Jesus loves me, this I know, so I'll keep rolling with the flow."

We all need it every once and a while.  Something just to break the monotony or the seriousness and give us a smile.  

And the Fresh Prince fun above certainly does that.


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